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Outsiders Bicycle Club

The Outsiders Bicylcle Club was born in 2012 in the seaside town of Beaufort, North Carolina. With its roots tied deeply to early motorcycle club history and hardcore punk, the Club became a brotherhood and family using cycling as its passion. Focused on community, the Outsiders host quarterly town cleanups, charity rides/toy drives, community rides, and bike events/races. The Club started with fixed-gear cycling that then evolved to cover the road and gravel riding/racing. The Outsiders Bicycles Club now covers the Mid-Atlantic region with Chapters in Beaufort, NC; Virginia Beach, VA; Raleigh, NC; Pisgah, NC; and Washington DC. The goal of the Outsiders Bicycle Club is to push ourselves on and off the bike in our homes and in our community. 


Hawthorne, California

Guillermo 'Memo' Galindo

Guillermo Galindo is a freestyle track rider and filmmaker alike. Memo's passion and love for both bikes and filmmaking have gone hand in hand in helping him achieve his ultimate goal of bringing more recognition back to the fixed gear scene not only for LA, but around the world. Guillermo has been rocking Origin8 components since his early days, and feels blessed to be a part of the Origin8 team. Memo puts our components through some of the toughest & gnarliest tests out on the streets. If you catch him in the wild, say what’s up! He love's his two wheels, but chances are you’ll see him on just one.


Los Angeles, California

Chris Thrasher

What can we say about Chris? He is one of the most technical urban riders we have ever seen. He performs the gnarliest tricks with such ease and precision that he makes it look easy. The truth is that he practices what he preaches: anytime you see Chris, you can bet his Cinelli Tutto, decked out in ORIGIN8 components is close by. 


Los Angeles, California

FWDSET aka Kirk Tsonos 

Does this name sound familiar? If so, you've probably seen his photos surface on our social media feed quite a bit. A lifestyle and sports photographer, Kirk has worked with brands such as Bicycling Magazine, Rapha LA, The Heavy Pedal, Vans Mexico, and many others. We're lucky to have this guy behind the lens. Kirk rocks one of our custom alloy wheelsets, Hipac pedals, DMND bar tape, Rush Messenger Flat Front Rack & Bag and Whirlwind tires. 

Cindy "Cindy Fix" Saldivar

Los Angeles, California

Cindy "Cindy Fix" Saldivar

Cindy is a female cyclist that earned her street creds by racing brakeless in the urban streets of Los Angeles in 2016. You can find Cindy seamlessly toggling between cruising the streets to throwing down serious watts at the velodrome. Cindy is known for her unique style, her dedication to competitive track cycling, and distinguishing herself as a prominent influencer in the bike industry. Her favorites include our Throne saddle, which she has on both of her bikes. 


Miami, Florida

Marlowe Buelvas

Rider for the SE Bikes team and contributor/collaborator to many other teams in the cycling industry, you'll find him wheelie-ing it up on just about any bike. The former BMX racer and fixie king spends most of his time traveling and cycling, promoting the #bikelife to be a positive and uplifting experience. This guy has no limits on what he can do on a bike - check out his Instagram page for the latest, sickest videos. 


Miami, Florida

Rush Racing Team

Miami's premier race team comprised of old school fixed gear riders and messengers, this team is non stop. 2017 FL Road & TT, 2018 FL Crit Champion and killing it this season on our custom build Bolt Carbon disc road wheels, we see this team going far and above. 

Captain Alex Gil, 2019 Florida State Crit champion - Renan Dolabella - Fabian Garcia - Randy Caraballo - Max Polo - Andrew Geff - George Johnston - Matt Roy