Our Promise

    Origin8 was founded on three basic principles: innovation, performance and value. The result is a high quality product at a reasonable price offering the technical features enthusiasts want and need across all disciplines including road, cyclecross, mountain and fixed gear.

  • History

    After more than thirty years working in all areas of the production and supply of a bike from development to distribution, our team got together and started the origin8 brand from scratch. And now, seven years later, if you walk into a top bicycle shop anywhere in America, there’s a good chance you’ll find frames, carbon forks, fixed gear cranks, pedals or any number of other parts made by origin8. That’s because we deliver a high quality technical product at a great price. It might not sound like the sexiest marketing line you’ve ever heard, but it’s exactly what you want when you’re making decisions about buying or building a bike – whether it is an urban bike, a mountain bike, a fixie or a racing bike. We make products that look great but the attention to detail we put into our technical features create a balanced trifecta of quality, price and superb design.


    Team & Community

    We’re a team of knowledgeable and friendly cycling enthusiasts with extensive shop and technical experience. We are passionate about exploring new areas of the cycling world while innovating products to meet the needs of every cyclist.
    We support the industry and the sport through national and local advocacy groups such as IMBA, the League of American Bicyclists, Bikes Belong, NBDA, East Coast Greenway Alliance, and Renewable Choice Energy.